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Since 1964 Alison Control Inc. has been one of the leaders in the field of fire detection and control systems. Alison designs special hazard fire detection actuation systems for areas where fires would prove disastrous, including power plants, petrochemical plants and aircraft hangars. In these environments, "almost perfect" can cost lives and millions of dollars, and nothing less than the highest achievable level of reliability is acceptable.

The following are links to some of the product lines that we offer:

A888 Series Control Systems

Alison Control's A888 Series Control Systems, renowned for fire detection and control in a wide variety of industrial environments, are custom-designed to the exact needs of the application and the requirements at the specific site.

The A888 Series Control System is unique because it can monitor the complete spectrum of detection devices and trigger appropriate response actions. Control effectiveness can be designed to range from a relatively simple, single zone analog system to a highly complex, multi-zone microprocessor-controlled system.

Unlike "off-the-shelf" fire detection and control systems, which may not be precisely what is needed for the installation, Alison Control's systems are developed and engineered from the ground up, bringing together technology from a wide range of sources. The engineering takes place only after company experts have had the opportunity to meet with the customer, carefully review what needs to be protected and fully understand all factors related to the specific application and location.